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Thursday, February 24

Buy 2 Get 1 Free at Rachelle Anne Miller's Shop!

I've talked about Rachelle Anne Miller before and ranted about how fantastic I find her art. Well she is expecting baby number 2 very soon and thought she's do a big sale before she becomes MIA for a while...

Take advantage of this sale! I bought the 3 prints shown here for Kate's room and absolutely love them. Bonus? She's fantastic to work with and very accommodating! A very sweet woman. :) Sale ends February 27, 2011.


  1. I bought two prints, one of which she changed the background colour for and we LOVE them. When the nursery is finished (white curtains and baskets and then DONE) I will post a picture and give her a HUGE shout out. Because I love her.

  2. she's amazing, isn't she?

    I'll definitely be using her for baby number 2.