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Sunday, February 20

Charlie Banana nana nana vs FuzziBunz

(WEB) (FACEBOOK) - 4 out of 5

I am in LOVE. Move over Fuzzibunz I found Charlie Banana. I find the PUL on this diaper exceeds in quality, I love that you get the 2 microfiber inserts (much like the new One-Size Fuzzibunz and elastics on the legs for a custom fit). I love the colour options for this diaper. It's is MUCH like the Fuzzibunz. I just like the fact that I have the option of buying a great pocket diaper from someone else... I've made it known that I'm not buying the new Fuzzibunz being manufactured in China, I find their PUL to be "cheap" and sticky feeling. I find them difficult to stuff. (Look the label, it will tell you where the diaper was made - I prefer the USA and Mexico versions - apparently they will be producing them in Turkey now.)

Charlie Bananas are hard to come by in Canada, but luckily Double K Boutique is selling off the rest of her lot at a discounted price.

  • Absorbency - great for regular flow
  • Fit - Trim and sleek under clothes, custom fit with elastics and snaps, perfect fit on my little girl
  • Leaks - no leaks, even with nighttime use
  • Softness - SUPER soft microfleece
  • Drying time - covers take an hour or so
  • Retail price - competitive!!! Can get them on sale for as little as $15 CAD if you're willing to do the hunt. - Can go as high as $24.95 CAD for prints (which are adorable)
  • Insert - you get 2 microfleece inserts, a short and a long
  • Ease of Use - Snaps! and pocket stuffing


  • Absorbency - not sure if can withstand a heavy wetter
  • Leaks -no leaks yet - but I'm not using this as a main diaper yet
  • Drying time - new liners take an overnight dry or 15 minutes in the dryer
  • Ease of use - tricky if you have a fidgety baby like mine, but I bribe her with a toy

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. I have purchased these diapers at full price for this review.


  1. I thought that Charlie Bananas were made in China too. Where are they made?

  2. Charlie Bananas are made in South Korea (aka: the good Korea) but the company was started by a German lady I *think* Don't quote me on the German part. Also, I buy all my Charlie Banana's from Cozy Bums
    They are in Prince George and when I ordered six diapers at once, the owner sent me a bunch of cards...they are SUPER nice and the service is AWESOME! Super fast shipping too!