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Saturday, February 19

Blueberry AI2 and Minky Pocket

Retails: $19.99-$34.99

I've been lagging a bit in the diaper review department lately - it's not that I've lost the want to try new diapers, but more like I'm lost all my free time!

Anyway, onto the Blueberry. From the makers of Swaddlebees, I really liked the look of the diaper and fell in love with the Minky. I even shelled out the ridiculous $30 to pay for a cover cause I liked it so much - unfortunately, it didn't fit Kate very well, and I finally gave up and put it up for sale at half the price. I bought the cow print AI2 for $10 in a gently used condition. It needed a little sunning and then it was as good as new.

Blueberry All-in-Two - 3.5 out of 5
- Kate is modeling it in the picture above in cow print

I been using this AI2 for at least a month now with the Blueberry One-size Hemp and Microfiber insert. Although it's one of my favourite, I was speaking with a woman at Extraordinary Baby Shoppe and she was telling me how much she hating this diaper because it was so hard to keep it clean and un-stinky. I thought she was exaggerating and dismissed it - til a week later, I understood what she meant,... I have to wash this diaper twice to keep the stinkies at bay. Once just the way it is, and a second time flipped inside out to ensure it really cleans the microfiber. I don't really mind since I have a huge stash, so I wash once, flip it inside out and throw it in the wetbag for wash number 2. It's a really trim diaper and works fantastically for an overnight diaper.

  • Absorbency - VERY absorbent - insert has 3 layers of hemp and microfiber and diaper has a thick layer of microfiber sewn right in.
  • Fit - trim and cute!
  • Leaks - none at all - even with a "blowout"
  • Softness - soft with a satin finish on the outside
  • Insert - has a built in microfiber insert and an open pocket to allow for your favourite doubler.
  • Ease of Use - easy side snaps
  • Style - Comes in cute patterns!
  • Retail price - a little steep for my taste
  • Drying time - takes a long time to dry - at least a full day
  • Insert - difficult to keep the built in insert clean

Blueberry Pocket Minky - 3 out of 5

I used this pocket diaper for about a month with a Blueberry Microfiber insert. I adored the look of this diaper... until I put it on Kate. It's actually so bulky that it made her legs look awkward, almost like she was getting ready to ride a horse. I never used it as a daytime diaper since it didn't allow us to put pants on her - and I wasn't overly impressed as a nighttime diaper. Probably because I'm so used to how well my Dreameze and Little Beetle have worked, that this one fails in comparaison.

  • Drying time - fast drying time
  • Leaks - none
  • Softness - soft inside and out
  • Insert - easy pocket diaper
  • Ease of Use - snaps
  • Style - Comes in cute patterns!
  • Retail price - a little steep for my taste
  • Absorbency - mediocre
  • Fit - very bulky

NOTE: I did not receive any compensation for this review. These opinions are my own. I purchased these diapers at my own cost.

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