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Saturday, November 10

November Blogshare and Tidbits

I was looking for a current list of Christmas parades around Ottawa, Ontario (found it!) but accidentally found a FANTASTIC blog written by a local mom called Postcards from the Mothership.

Great layout, beautiful pictures and interesting to boot! Swing on by and give her a test drive. You won't be disappointed!

Today we're off to the CHEO dreamhome to visit where hopefully one day I'll live. I adore Orleans, but give me a free home and I'll move to Manotick. :) We're also doing some much needed yard work and the kiddo's been begging us to put up Christmas decorations - so gingerbread house and Christmas lights in 4 degree (Celsius) weather.

What's next on the docket? As you know, I've been CRAZY BUSY for the last 2 years. Let's break that down shall we?
  • Surplussed from my Government Job, demoted and therefore still searching for work
  • Working on my website to help brand myself: (shameless plug:
  • Working on volunteer design projects to help update my portfolio and pull away from the VERY governmental look of my work.
  • Took on an EBook and now I'm illustrating a children's book to push my boundaries.
  • Wrote sewing tutorials for a magazine in a northern Ontario green parenting magazine.
  • Bibmababy really took off for a while, and I was having difficulty keeping up. Brought another mom on board to help stock the store (shameless plug:
  • Decided to not make one,... but TWO full size quilts for my sister and mother.. but not without getting sidetracked by numerous crib-sized quilts for friends. I have a hard time staying focussed.
Because of the fact that my life is just scattered for the last few years, this blog hasn't been very consistent. I'm still trying to find a point to all of it considering it started at a a hub for family members to catch up on how we were doing with our little Kate. After I started sharing diaper reviews and tutorials, let's just say it took off in a different direction. I'm hoping that in the new year I'll finally know what the point of this whole blog is - otherwise I may just shut her down. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions... and I'm ready for a steady pace of life.

Until then - you'll have to bear with me. :)

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