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Saturday, November 10

Crayon Sushi Roll Tutorial

* This tutorial has appeared in HomeGrown Parenting In the North

Throw away all of those ratty boxes and keep these art sticks neat and organized. Great for throwing in your purse, in the car or tucked away in your art box at home. Easy to make and a creative birthday favor!




What you Need

  • 2 x 0.5 meter of coordinating fabrics
  • 0.5 meter of flannel (or Pellon fusible fleece)
  • 1 coordinating hair elastic
  • 1 button
  • Needle and thread
  • Disappearing ink fabric marker
  • 15 crayons

Cutting the fabric

1. Cut out all 4 pieces of fabric: 
  • 2 pieces for “Outside” and “inside” – 5 x 16 1/2 
  • 1 piece for “Pocket” – 6 x 16 1/2 
  • 1 piece for “Lining” – 5 x 16 1/2 
2. Fold “Pocket” fabric in half length-wise and iron flat.
3. Lay out “Lining” and place “Inside” on top with wrong side down.
Note: If using fusible, iron by following instructions of package.
4. Add “Pocket” on top of the sandwich, lining up all bottom edges.
5. Pin at the both ends.
6. Mark the mid-point of the pocket with a fabric marker.
7. Use a straight edge and mark the middle line.

8. Draw a line at every inch, working from the middle out.

9. Straight-Stitch your drawn lines only on the “Pocket”. Don’t stitch the edges yet. Make sure to backstitch for durability!
10. Clip any loose threads.

11. Stitch down elastic on the right edge of the crayon roll, between the “Pocket” and “Inside” fabric panel. Make sure to stitch over the elastic several times to ensure its placement.

12. Lay the panels right sides together and pin in place.
Note: Make sure to tuck the elastic inside both panels as to not accidentally stitch it to the outside of the crayon roll.

13. Stitch with a ¼ inch seam, starting at the end without the elastic and leaving a 3 inch opening to allow to turn the roll right side out.
14. Clip your corners.

15. Turn right side out and poke out corners. 
16. Press all the edges flat and tuck in the edges of the opening.
Note: if your marker pen locks in with an iron, wet the pen marks first to allow them to disappear before you iron.

17. Hand stitch the hole closed.  
18. Topstitch at ¼ inch seam for a clean, finished look.

19. Add crayons into pockets.

20. Roll your project closed and gently stretch the elastic to where a button should be placed. Mark the area to allow for button placement.
21. Firmly attach a button.

22. You’re done!

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